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Custard & Cream Pies

Quick, Different Lemon Filling For Cakes And Pies    This recipe uses a 6 ounce can of concentrated lenonade.  It is lemony and lucious!
Bob Hope Lemon Pie    This is classic lemon meringue pie.  I think it was Bob's favorite.
Fudge Pies (makes 2 deep dish pies)    This is a rich chocolate pie!  The surface will crust over as it cools.
Skillet Caramel Pie    The sugar is cooked in a skillet until a deep golden (carmel) brown. Hence, the name! NOTE* The use of butter instead of margarine will always give you a richer flavor.
Kentucky Stack Pie    This pie will taste like the old fashioned chess pie.  It will certainly be a hit at your next dinner party!  If you love the crust as much as the filling. this one is for you! Note* The recipe for "Foolproof Chicago Pie Crust". would work well with this recipe, it makes 6 pie crusts.
Old Fashioned Buttermilk Pie    Tangy and sweet, a real treat!