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Talk About Fresh Chicken!

June 2011

   Cooking chicken nowadays is so easy, compared to the 1940's!  Fresh chicken then was in the coup, ready for the Sunday dinner.   My grandmother, Eula Murdock Miller, fed a hen or two, crushed corn and buttermilk, waiting for the call that "We're a comin" for Sunday dinner, which was really lunch.

    Early Sunday morning she'd be up, hot water on the wood stove, headed for the pen.   She'd pick the fat one, wring her head off, dipping the hen in hot water, she'd pluck it clean!  Sunday dinner would be fried chicken, cut into a lot of pieces, to make sure we all got some.  We were all poor, so one chicken had to do us!  We ate back, neck, gizzard and all.  With creamed potatoes and  gravy, purple hull peas, fried okra, yeast breads light as a feather, cornbread and butter.  We finished it all off with chocolate and pecan pies, washed down with sweet tea.  It was a feast!  

She was almost as wide as she was tall, a common southern saying, with a heart of gold.  She bore 11 children, 3 died in infancy, 8 survived to grow old, four boys and four girls.  What a woman!

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