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Cheaper Chicken
June 2011
   Serious about saving money?  Buy a whole chicken and cut it up yourself.  Pound for pound it's cheaper than pre-cut chicken, plus the pieces can be used for more things. ... Read More

Talk About Fresh Chicken!
June 2011
   Cooking chicken nowadays is so easy, compared to the 1940's!  Fresh chicken then was in the coup, ready for the Sunday dinner.   My grandmother, Eula Murdock Miller, fed ... Read More

Poultry Info
May 2011
The moderate cost of poultry has made it a favorite appetizer food.  It is not only one of the lowest priced meats available, but is exceptionally rich in protein.  You can buy poultry by... Read More

Egg White Tips
February 2011
Egg whites whipped to soft peaks give cakes lightness and lift.  Always begin beating egg whites slowly to break them up before turning the beaters on full throttle.   They whip better at... Read More

Working With Chiles
February 2011
Be sure to wear protective gloves when working with hot chiles:  The same oils that provide the chiles' fortifying heat can easily irritate your skin or eyes.    To roast chi... Read More

Simple Flavor
February 2011
Herb-infused simple syrups are an uncomplicated way to add fragrant notes to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.   Lightly crush the herbs before steeping in syrup to release their flavor... Read More

If You Don't Have A Fat Separator
February 2010
If you don't have a fat separator, use a heavy-duty zip-top bag instead.  Pour slightly cooled stock into bag, place in a bowl, and chill for 10 minutes.   Cut a hole in the bott... Read More