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Fruit Pie Recipes

Impossible French Apple Pie    This pie makes its own crust while it bakes, and the Streusel makes the top crispy too!
Creamy Blackberry Pie    This pie has blackberries on the bottom and a creamy top layer with a crumb topping.        Everything to make this a special treat your family will love!
QUICK Magic Peach Cobbler    This recipe works well with peaches, blackberries, and cherries.  Try it with your favorite fruit.
Easy Southern Fruit Cobbler    This recipe is very much like cake with fruit at the bottom.  It is really delicious!    Summertime in Kentucky, when the wild blackberries come in, this dish will be on many a supper table, and given to new neighbors or old friends.  Friends that are still able, pick the berries and give this cobbler to older folks, unable to still pick berries.   NOTE* Great with ice cream!
Make A-Head Apple Freezer Pie    It is nice to always have something in the freezer to bake when company comes!    This one is super easy.
Old Fashioned Apple Pastry Bars    Make your own pastry bars for a quick breakfast on the run.