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Poultry & Fowl Recipes

QUICK Chicken With Indian Spices    When simmered in tumeric, sometimes called Indian saffron, chicken breast become very aromatic.  Rich in potassium and vitamin C, tumeric acts as an anti-inflamatory, according to Indian medicine.  Add sour cream and it is smooth and sumptuous.
Spanish Paella A La Valunciana    This recipe is a type of chicken stew full of different flavors.  Beef, shrimp and clams add to this Spanish masterpiece.
Oriental Chicken Salad With Cantaloupe    This will be a wonderful dinner on a hot day.  Make it ahead and it will be cold and ready when you get home from work.
QUICK Polynesian Style Chicken    This is a quick recipe that will make you family think they have been on an island vacation! (Not really) But, its a different dish, for a nice change to chicken.
QUICK Thai-Style Stir-Fry    An extra tasty twist to stir fry!!
QUICK Chicken Oriental    A delicious oriental twist on a family favorite!
QUICK Italian Chicken and Artichokes    The artichokes and chicken flavors meld so well together!