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Picnic Foods

QUICK, Chilled Broccoli With Lemon and Garlic    This is one of those great vegetable salads you can make ahead.  Good with cold fried chicken, burgers or fish.  And, you won't have that smell still in the kitchen from the broccoli!
QUICK Old-Fashioned Baked Beans    These can be made quickly and easily!
Italian Garlic And Cheese Bread    This one has everything that would go with spaghetti or an Italian salad. A different "quick" bread.
Dried Chile Salsa    This a great salsa for everything!  From fish to chicken to chips.  And this recipe makes 3 cups, enough for a crowd.
QUICK Lemon Poppy Seed Bread    This one is made from lemon cake mix so it mixes up quick for unexpected company.  Goes great with fruit salad.  
Vanilla Pound Cake    An old-fashioned butter cake is the perfect dessert for a picnic or potluck.
Chocolate Chocolate Cake for Crowds    This is a cake to be cooked in a tube or bundt pan and served in slices. Put some powdered sugar on top when cool and it will look as good as it tastes! NOTE* This cake freezes beautifully.
Galliano Marinated Picnic Chicken    This chicken is equally good hot or cold, and packs well for a picnic.
Marinated Summer Finger salad    This recipes consists of all your favorites!  You get to pick the vegetables that go in this marinade.  Its tasty finger food at it best.    Refrigerate overnight, toss occasionally and drain to serve.
Moist Zucchini Cake    The zucchini is grated, salted and put in the refrigerator for one hour to remove some of the moisture.  Squeeze well, this procedure will reduce the 6 cups to three.    This will make a bundt cake that would also serve as a coffee cake.  Dense and moist, with lots of flavor. NOTE* Sugar could also be reduced to use for breakfast.
Red Beet Chocolate Cake    This recipe adds pureed beets to the batter to make a really flavorful cake.  Canned beets may be used.
Cinnamon Pumpkin Cake    Like pumpkin pie?  You'll love this pumpkin cake!  This cake is baked in a bundt or tube pan and frosted with cream cheese frosting.  What a combination!
Crispy Potato Salad    This one has everything but the kitchen sink!  Cucumbers, radishes, celery, you name it, It has it! And the combination is crispy, and good.   Makes enough for a crowd.
Big Five Bean Salad    Five different kinds of beans, sliced onions, pimentos, all marinated in a sweet oil and vinegar dressing.  It keeps well and is an old southern favorite.
Old Time Revival Punch    This was a favorite when they had all day singings, and dinner on the ground, at the southern churches.    People came to church to stay all day!  They brought their food, (no coolers at that time) packed in covered baskets.  After church service, they spread their quilts on the ground and shared their food.  They sang hymns in the afternoon until evening service.    Many of these people came in wagons.  This was before the churches were big enough to have tables and chairs.  Many were one room churches.    The food and the fellowship was unbeatable! NOTE* The women put their punch in the big earthen crocks they used to make pickles.
Almond Chicken Salad    This chicken salad has a new twist!  Watercress leaves, chopped, are added along with a little orange juice.  YUM!
Super Rich German Chocolate Cake    This one is REALLY RICH! Chocolate, coconut, nuts, Cool Whip.  Sounds like it has ALL the right things! ENJOY!
Ham And Olive Pinwheels    This is an easy recipe that makes a lot of tasty little bites.  They travel and keep well.
Apple Butter Bars    Oats and apple butter.  Doesn't that combination sound good?
QUICK Simply Delicious Southern Fried Chicken    For best results, select chicken breasts that are small to medium in size (from chickens weighing about three pounds), otherwise they won't cook through by the time they're crusty-brown outside. When frying, keep the temperature of the fryer in the 325 to 350 degree range;  if it drops much below 325 degrees, the chicken will be greasy.
QUICK Butter Pecan Bars    Butter pecan bars are toteable treats for picnics, block parties and other weekend outings.  Dark molasses and applesauce make them moist, and chopped pecans and butterscotch pieces add texture and flavor.
Corn Off The Grill 3 Ways    Time honored grilling technique for corn is to pull back husks, remove silks and tie husks back up over ears.  Soak in cold water for 20 minutes, then grill over hot coals 10 to 15 minutes, turning frequently.    Remove from grill, pull back husks and brush with butter.  If you have a large crowd to feed, melt the butter and mix in seasoning.  Pour into a metal coffee can, half filled with water.  Set this on the edge of the grill and dip ears as you pull back husks.  The butter stays on top of water,  and stays on corn as you dip in.  Water just runs back into can.
Gopher Bars    This is a great little bar that travels well.  Let the kids have one on the way to school, it has cereal and peanut butter.
QUICK Grilled Garlic Teriyaki Chicken And Tomatoes    The only thing that takes time with this recipe is the marinading of the chicken.  The rest is quick and easy! NOTE* A Caesar salad and white wine would go well with this.
Spicy Grilled Corn    This great tasting corn uses Taco Seasoning to get that fresh, spicy taste.  Great with ribs or steaks on the grill. NOTE* Soak the corn and string in water to prevent from burning.