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Ethnic Recipes

Bettie Lou's Southern Buttermilk Syrup    After reading the definition of "Ethnic" in the dictionary I realized, I was a part of an ethnic group!  "Hillbilly!"  Just like Cajun, we have our own way of cooking and seasoning all manner of foods.  Cajun cooking is more spicy than southern or hillbilly and they use a lot of wine! We like our barbeque more sweet and our shrimp french fried and this area does not (normally) even drink wine!     Buttermilk is used in many recipes from fried chicken to cakes and now in syrup.  This recipe cooks up white and fluffy until you take it off the stove and add the vanilla.  Then it is a rich carmel color and, the best tasting syrup you have ever had,  BAR NONE!
Cajun Chicken Gumbo    Us hillbillies use a "roux" too.  When I make biscuits and gravy, I start with bacon or sausage drippings and flour.  Sometimes I let it brown as it cooks and sometimes I cook the roux on low to have a whiter milk gravy.  Either way you cook it slow to get rid of the floury taste.    Cajun "Roux" is olive oil and flour.  Cover the bottom of a heavy pot with oil, heat on low.  When oil is hot add flour, stirring constantly until very dark brown, but not burned.  About 45 minutes.  This is basic cajun roux.  There are many variations.
Cajun Pork And Deer Sausage    This recipe for sausage patties makes 3 1/2 pounds at a time. NOTE*  It is best not to double this recipe.
Cajun Corned Beef And CAbbage     What a combination!  Cajun and Irish together!  Cajuns cook with a lot of sauterne wine.