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Christmas Cookies

Holiday Chocolate Chip Squares    With the cherries and candied leaves these bars will be a standout on your holiday table!
Chocolate And Pecan Brownies    Very rich, you only need a small one!
Chocolate Bliss Caramel Brownies    Chocolate chunks on top of caramel, on top of brownies.  Can it get better than this?
Pineapple Cream Cheese Bars    Pineapple, mincemeat, cream cheese and walnuts.  This one is good enough for company!
Stained Glass Cookie Bars    Great recipe for the holidays.  No flour or eggs in this recipe.
Really Good Coconut Cookies    These are quick and easy and taste great!
Milk Chocolate Praline Truffles    These truffles are made with Bailey's Irish Cream Liquor. YUM!
Make-Ahead Bourbon Balls    These little treats get better with age. (after a few days)