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Spectacular Desserts & Sauces

Kentucky Stack Pie    This pie will taste like the old fashioned chess pie.  It will certainly be a hit at your next dinner party!  If you love the crust as much as the filling. this one is for you! Note* The recipe for "Foolproof Chicago Pie Crust". would work well with this recipe, it makes 6 pie crusts.
Red And White And Blue    You don't even need a recipe for this one!  I made this and everyone loved it!
Chocolate Cheesecake    Chocolate and cheesecake together- a dessert lovers dream!  My grandaughter Jami Made this.
QUICK Easy Banana Split Cake    I made this for a group of friends at the lake one weekend.  It was a real hit with all ages. NOTE* If you won't be serving this for a few hours, sprinkle the banana slices with lemon the keep them from turning brown.  This will still be good the next day.
Cousin Charlotte's Carrot Cake    Charlotte and I grew up together in rural west Kentucky.  Close in age, she was like a sister.  She's gone now, but I can still see her, when I bake this cake.    It's the best carrot cake, bar none, I have ever tasted! NOTE* The traditional cream cheese frosting goes well with this cake.