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Fruit Dessert Recipes

Quick, Different Lemon Filling For Cakes And Pies    This recipe uses a 6 ounce can of concentrated lenonade.  It is lemony and lucious!
Creamy Blackberry Pie    This pie has blackberries on the bottom and a creamy top layer with a crumb topping.        Everything to make this a special treat your family will love!
Banana Split Dessert    This is a southern dessert loved by all!  It is cold, sweet and very satisfying. It looks good, and can be made a few hours ahead of the party.
QUICK Easy Banana Split Cake    I made this for a group of friends at the lake one weekend.  It was a real hit with all ages. NOTE* If you won't be serving this for a few hours, sprinkle the banana slices with lemon the keep them from turning brown.  This will still be good the next day.