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QUICK Cooking for Crowds

QUICK Asparagus and Prosciutto Bundles    These make a terrific appetizer and the leftover asparagus stalks can be reserved for another use.
QUICK Chess Cake Squares    A quick recipe using cake mix and cream cheese.  Easy to make, easy to eat!
QUICK Italian Sausage Frittata    Just add some crusty bread and you have a complete meal, with this easy frittata.
Bubble-up Pizza    The kids will love this one!  Not only does it taste good, it's fun to eat.
Southern Caviar    This makes an unusual party dip that is delicious!
Southwestern Cheese Appetizer    This cheese appetizer is very colorful and full of flavor!  It will be a great addition to your buffet table, or with cocktails. NOTE* Serve with assorted crackers.
Big, Festive Fruit Salad    This big, wonderful salad tastes as good as it looks!
Leg of Lamb With Anchovy    This is an unusual recipe for Leg of Lamb.  But, I feel it adds a new flavor to an old standby.
QUICK And Easy Beer Cheese    This is good when you first make it, and even better after it mellows!    NOTE* This makes a great gift at holiday time.
QUICK Chicken Strips, 2 Ways    This is a simple recipe that everyone likes!  Take strips, cut from chicken breasts, and coat them with one of the two flavor mixes below.  A few minutes in the oven and you have crispy treats for appetizers or the whole meal.  You can have your choice of dipping sauces. (or not)
Ham And Olive Pinwheels    This is an easy recipe that makes a lot of tasty little bites.  They travel and keep well.
QUICK Hot Salmon Sandwiches    You can make this up ahead of time, cook when ready to serve.
Appetizer Sausage Mini Tarts    This is super easy.
QUICK Mini Empanadas    This is a little, tasty, sandwich bite. The kids will love them!
QUICK Baked Eggs for a crowd    These will not be the usual dry, scrambled eggs on the buffet.  They come out of the oven soft and moist and they stay that way.
QUICK AND EASY Country Ham Appetizer Cups    Simple ingredients for a simply delicious little appetizer.
QUICK Make-ahead Mini Blinis    Make these up and freeze for later, or use immediately.  They do not have to be thawed to cook.
QUICK Berry Almond Streusel    Mix the berries, cornstarch and sugar, add the topping, and it's ready for the oven.  Only 30 minute and it's ready for you!
QUICK Fettuccine With Ham and Peas     Cook the fettuccine ahead of time to speed up last minute prep time.
QUICK and Easy Shrimp Scampi    This would make a geat appetizer, too.
QUICK Veal in Velvet    This rich, elegant dish is quick and easy.  Wow your family tonight! NOTE* Easily doubled.
Sorghum Caramel Brownies    Sorghum was the main sweetener used by the early settlers.  It was used in cooking, baking and sweetening their drinks.  It is nutritious, containing both vitamins and minerals.  It's a true southern flavor!  By the time one years making was almost gone it would have turned into sugar granules.  But was easily turned back to liquid by warming. NOTE* My father came from a big family and he used to tell of how many gallons of sorghum his family ate each week.  They cooked the cane syrup themselves and  made pies, cakes, and ate it with hot biscuits each meal.  They used 52 gallons a year!  Big family, 4 big, tall boys and 4 kinda big, girls. Ha   It was something to be at the table and see how much they could eat!
EASY Mediterranean Coffee    Nice treat for a few good friends!
QUICK Chili Cheese Balls    These are great with slices of summer sausage, or drop a couple in your bowl of chili or soup.    Or just pop one in to your mouth!
QUICK Prep Potato Gratin With Boursin Cheese    It takes some time to bake but, the wait is worth it!    Just mix up the sauce and pour over the sliced potatoes and, you can make the rest of dinner while it bakes.