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Misc. Sauces, Pickles, Salsas, etc.

Pico De Gallo    A spicy fresh salsa best eaten within a few hours of making.    Makes 10 cups, enough for a crowd!
QUICK Fiery Salsa    Watch out, this ones heat increases with standing!
Dried Chile Salsa    This a great salsa for everything!  From fish to chicken to chips.  And this recipe makes 3 cups, enough for a crowd.
Quick Pickled Asparagus    This recipe would be perfect for a picnic or buffet.  It makes enough for 3 quart jars, but could easily be increased or cut-in-half.
Pickled Oranges With Green Beans And Peas    This is a great pickle to bring out at the big BBQ or family gathering.  Everyone will love them! NOTE* This will make a quart jar full. Refrigerate for 1 day before using.