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Casseroles & Au Gratins

QUICK Breakfast Cheesecake    It couldn't be simplier!  Pop open those cresent rolls and get started.  Perfect for that company brunch.
Baked Summer Squash    This is a very popular summer recipe when the garden comes in.  Everyone seems to have a lot of squash!
QUICK Layered Italian Casserole    This is a great one dish meal.  It takes a while to bake but the prep is quick.  Add a loaf of Italian bread, maybe a small caesar salad. NOTE*  When a recipe calls for ground beef and onion, cooked together, make up a double amount and freeze half.  The next dish you make will go together quicker.
Two-Toned "Company" Potatoes     The potatoes in this dish are sliced thin and layered alternately, white then sweet, into a special dish, fit for company.
Mashed Potato Casserole    This is a large casserole dish of potatoes.  It can be made ahead-of-time to the point you put it into the oven.  Remember, if you do this, put a cold dish in a cold oven, or bring to room temperature first.  If you put an oven dish, straight from the refrigerator, in a warm oven, IT WILL BREAK.  
Taco Lasagna    This is a new twist to an old favorite, and the recipe makes enough for a crowd!
Cowboy Casserole    This is the casserole from home on the range!  All you need is the campfire to sit around.
Wild Rice Chicken Casserole    This casserole can be made ahead, frozen, thawed, and baked.  Add a tossed salad and hot bread, YUM!
Scalloped Yellow Potatoes    The Yukon Jack potatoes and Gruyere cheese will make a rich dish of creamy potatoes. NOTE* When I made this recipe, I cooked the potatoes in the milk on low and did not drain. I simply poured the potatoes from the saucepan, to the baking dish. There was plenty of milk. The low heat doesn't boil away the liquid. That eliminated 1 step.
Spanish Paella A La Valunciana    This recipe is a type of chicken stew full of different flavors.  Beef, shrimp and clams add to this Spanish masterpiece.
Greek Moussaka    This recipe makes an 11 x 16 pan of Moussaka.  And, you don't have to be greek to really enjoy this hearty dinner dish.    This milk and cheese make a sauce for the top of this popular recipe.
Hot Chicken or Turkey Salad    This salad is baked with a crispy topping covered in melted cheese.  Sure to please everyone in your family!
Mexican Tamale Pie   This unusual hamburger casserole is tasty and not so spicy the kids won't like it.  Chop some lettuce and tomato to serve as a side salad.  Add some salsa and BOY will this be good. NOTE* This takes a little time but the flavor is well worth it!
Baked Corn Beef Hash, Au Gratin    Canned corn beef hash can be used for this recipe.  It is a great breakfast casserole, or a dinner dish on a cool evening.
Baked Beans    Adding ground beef to the beans makes a main, hearty dish out of a side dish.  The flavor is wonderful!
QUICK Pizza Style Meat Loaf    The kids are sure to love this version of meat loaf!  It would also be a good dish to have on game day. NOTE* The prep is quick, baking takes the time.
Chicken or Turkey Tetrazzini    This recipe would also work well for left over, cooked, chicken or turkey.    The addition of cheese in the broth and on top, will make for a really creamy treat!
Casserole For A Crowd    3  cans tuna (chicken or turkey may be substituted)    1  can cream of mushroom soup    1  can cream of chicken soup    1  small can Pet Milk    1  small can sliced water chestnuts    2  cans chinese noodles    2  cans onion rings, divided    8  stalks celery, chopped and sauteed    2  cans French-style green beans, drained    1  small can sliced mushrooms, drained
EASY Breakfast Casserole    I made this when my children came to visit.  Instead of regular pork sausage I used the hot version.  French bread slices made the bottom layer instead of adding bread to milk mixture and, for color I put in some sweet red pepper pieces and a little chopped onion.    The bread slices made the bottom crispy and the kids called it a breakfast pizza! EVERYONE ENJOYED!
QUICK Prep Potato Gratin With Boursin Cheese    It takes some time to bake but, the wait is worth it!    Just mix up the sauce and pour over the sliced potatoes and, you can make the rest of dinner while it bakes.