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Beverage & Punches

Cider Punch    This one makes enough for a big party!  Cider mixed with fruit juices, even the kids will like this.
Kentucky Bourbon Slush    This make a large portion of "slush." This is put in the punch bowl and gingerale is added. The slush needs to be made 3 days before you will be serving the punch.  Good.  
QUICK Strawberry Punch    This is sparkling and pretty as a picture!
QUICK No Cook Boiled Custard    This will save time.  Instead of waiting for the milk to coat the spoon as you cook the boiled custard, this is rich, creamy and no cook!
Port Punch    This is a very fruity, sparkling beverage.  It has beautiful color and wonderful flavor.     It is also a low alcohol content treat.
Champagne and Sauterne Punch    This punch recipe is easy and elegant.  Sure to please at your next house party. NOTE* Make sure the sugar is thoroughly dissolved.
Banana Crush Punch    This punch was recently served in Hazel, Ky. at the 50th wedding reception for Hughes and Hilda Bennett.  It was enjoyed by the many people attending.    It is a sweet, smooth tasting punch with a golden color.  It matched the mood of the event!
Old Time Revival Punch    This was a favorite when they had all day singings, and dinner on the ground, at the southern churches.    People came to church to stay all day!  They brought their food, (no coolers at that time) packed in covered baskets.  After church service, they spread their quilts on the ground and shared their food.  They sang hymns in the afternoon until evening service.    Many of these people came in wagons.  This was before the churches were big enough to have tables and chairs.  Many were one room churches.    The food and the fellowship was unbeatable! NOTE* The women put their punch in the big earthen crocks they used to make pickles.