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Appetizer Recipes

Peanut Pretzel Bark With White Chocolate    This is sweet, salty and crunchy. The snack that has it all!
Delicious, Hot Artichoke And Spinach Dip    This one makes a large dish of great tasting dip.  Great with chips or french bread.
Microwave Carmel Corn    This one is quick and easy!  When soda ia added to the corn syrup mixture, it will bubble up. Use a big enough bowl to handle the extra. (It will go back down after it is stirred in.)
Dried Chile Salsa    This a great salsa for everything!  From fish to chicken to chips.  And this recipe makes 3 cups, enough for a crowd.
QUICK Kick-Off Beef Pretzel Poppers    Have these easy treats around for watching the game.
Southern Caviar    This makes an unusual party dip that is delicious!
Cabbage Won Tons    This is a very tasty little treat that can be made ahead, and kept warm.
Southwestern Cheese Appetizer    This cheese appetizer is very colorful and full of flavor!  It will be a great addition to your buffet table, or with cocktails. NOTE* Serve with assorted crackers.
Bacon and Blue Cheese Puffs    These puffs can be frozen ahead and re-warmed at serving time.  They are quick to fix.
Italian Layered Rustic Torte    This is a very rich and elegant recipe, sure to impress your friends!    There is a recipe for pastry included.  To speed up preparation time, the pastry can be made the day before, and the torte cooked ahead of time.  It is to be served room temperature. NOTE* Make pastry by cutting butter into flour, add salt.  Make well in center, with fork stir in eggs, yolk, and milk.  Knead with hands, form a ball and refrigerate.
Cheddar Cheese And Olive Balls    These tasty little nibbles can be made ahead and kept refrigerated until time to bake.  They have a lot of flavor and are great for cocktails.  They are cheesy and salty!
QUICK And Easy Beer Cheese    This is good when you first make it, and even better after it mellows!    NOTE* This makes a great gift at holiday time.
Cheese Straws    Use a cookie press to make these little "straws."  They melt in your mouth and go great with cream soups, and really good with beer!
QUICK Chicken Strips, 2 Ways    This is a simple recipe that everyone likes!  Take strips, cut from chicken breasts, and coat them with one of the two flavor mixes below.  A few minutes in the oven and you have crispy treats for appetizers or the whole meal.  You can have your choice of dipping sauces. (or not)
QUICK Appetizer Cheese Krispy    This is a very crisp little nibble to serve with your favorite beverage.
QUICK Hot Chipped Beef Appetizer    This little dish tastes equally well cold.  It is one of our favorites!  My daughter-in-law, Kris makes this all the time and shares it with us.  SWEET!
Party Snack Mix    This recipe makes enough for a lot of people!
QUICK Beer Dip    This one is easy and goes good with pretzels.
Crock-Pot Meatballs    Just put them in the crock-pot and let them cook until you are ready to serve.
QUICK Layered Taco Salad Dip    This makes a big portion of a tasty, southwestern style dip.
QUICK Sausage Quiche Squares    This recipe is a good make ahead recipe.     It Freezes well. Tasty, and easy!
QUICK Chicken Triangles    Start with cooked chicken and it is super easy!  These are fried little bite-size sandwiches. NOTE* They can be made ahead and kept warm for 1 hour in a 250 F. oven.
Appetizer Sausage Mini Tarts    This is super easy.
Savory Country Ham Cheesecake    This would make a great centerpiece for a Holiday appetizer buffet!  Chopping fine in a processor would work equally well as the grating.  We made this at Christmas and everyone loved it!    (Country ham is available mostly in slices and hard to grate.)
Kentucky Sweet Shiloh Popcorn    In the 1930's popcorn was brought into Calloway County, which grew to be the one-time "popcorn of the world." Over 20,000 acres of popcorn was grown and processed in 6 companies. Today only one plant remains.    This has a similar taste to kettle corn.
QUICK Potato And Salmon Tarts    This one is super easy.  The potatoes are a perfect base for the salmon.