QUICK Triple Truffles

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   This recipe is so easy you can make it while watching television.


1 1/2  cup almond paste
     8  oz semi-sweet chocolate
     8  oz milk chocolate
     8  oz White chocolate
  3/4  cup butter, softened, divided


   Divide almond paste equally into three bowls.

   To one batch, add melted semi-sweet chocolate.

   To the second add melted milk chocolate.

   Stir into the third bowl melted white chocolate.

   To each bowl add 1/4 cup softened butter.  Beat each batch well to blend ingredients.  Line a square baking pan with foil, both bottom and sides.

   Place the dark mixture in a layer in this foil liner and chill until firm.

   Follow with the white layer and chill again.  Add the medium chocolate layer and chill once more.  When all three layers are cold, lift foil and place candy on a cutting board.

   Remove foil and cut truffles into one inch square.

   Store in the refrigerator.