QUICK Fruit Truffles

Servings: 20 Trufles Prep. Time: N/A Print

   These tasty treats take only 15 minutes to make!


1/3  cup almonds, lightly toasted, divided
1/2  cup dried, pitted prunes
1/2  cup dried apricots
   1  medium lemon, peel, finely grated
   1  T orange juice
   1  T honey
1/4  tsp ground cinnamon


   Place the almonds in a food processor, and process until finely ground.

   Transfer to a small bowl and set aside.

   Process the dried fruit until finely chopped.  Pulse in the lemon peel, 2 tablespoons of the almonds, and the juice, honey, and cinnamon.

   Wet your hands.  Roll the fruit paste into 20 1 inch balls.

   Roll into the remaining almonds to coat well.  Set on waxed paper to dry.

   Can be refrigerated up to one week.