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Quick Candy & Confections

QUICK Foolproof Fudge    This is the recipe for failure-proof fudge! NOTE* To turn this into rocky road fudge, stir in 3/4 cup miniature marshmallows when you add the nuts.
QUICK Shortcut Cappuccino Caramels    This may be short on cooking time, but long on flavor!
QUICK Foolproof Chocolate Fudge    Fast and fabulous!
QUICK Super Easy Fudge    A chocolatey marshmallow delight!
QUICK Peanutty Fudge Log    A wonderful gift if you wrap the slices individually.
QUICK Magic French Fudge    Wonderful, sweet fudge!
QUICK Foolproof Dark Chocolate Fudge    Definitely for the chocolate lover!
QUICK Creamy Chocolate Fudge    Delicious and quick with a double dose of chocolate!
QUICK Two-tone Chocolate Fudge    This sweet, rich dessert is great for parties!
QUICK Even-More-Remarkable Fudge    A candy bar adds even more rich chocolate flavor to this easy to make fudge.  This recipe makes a lot of candy!
QUICK Chocolate Pecan Candy    This recipe is easy to make and yields approximately 5 pounds of candy.
QUICK Caramel Pecan Roll    Cool the melted caramel mixture slightly so it doesn't melt the creamy center.
QUICK Chocolate Marshmallow Haystacks    Better make stacks of Haystacks!  They're that delicious.
QUICK Chocolate French Fudge    This is quick and easy, and bound to be a crowd pleaser!
QUICK Peanut Butter Rocky Road Fudge    There is peanut butter in my chocolate!!!
QUICK Rocky Road Fudge    A delicious combination of nuts, chocolate and marshmallows!
QUICK Caramel Fudge    This recipe is quick and easy, but delivers on the taste!
QUICK Chocolate Cream Truffles    These are rich, decadent little bites of pure heaven for the chocolate lover.
QUICK Fruit Truffles    These tasty treats take only 15 minutes to make!
QUICK Tempt-Me Truffles    Very tempting treat!
QUICK Chocolate Creams    This is a deliciously decadent dessert!
QUICK Butterscotch Fudge    This fudge is rich and delicious!
QUICK Champagne Truffles    Champagne and chocolate-a girls dream!
QUICK Fudge for Sharing    No fudge from our childhood ever approached this for creamy texture.  This recipe makes about 5 pounds of delicious fudge, so be prepared to share!
QUICK Deliciously Rich Chocolate Truffles    This recipes makes 5 dozen truffles!
QUICK Chocolate Dipped Apricots    This is an easy recipe that makes everyone an apricot lover!
QUICK Rum-Raisin Clusters    This is an interesting, tasteful treat!
QUICK Hazelnut Brittle    You can always make this caramel brittle with other nuts, such as slivered almonds or pistachios.
QUICK Almond-Butter Crunch    This candy delivers superb taste with just four ingredients.
QUICK Pretzel-Candy Crunch    These clusters carry the candy-coated pretzel idea one step further with the addition of marshmallows and peanuts.
QUICK Macadamia-Coconut Brittle   This is an awesome, delicious combination of ingredients for a delightful treat!
QUICK Marbled Pecan Bark    This candy is even easier to make when you use your microwave oven to melt the candy coating and chocolate.
QUICK Dates Stuffed with Ginger    This is a very easy, yet healthy snack.  Great for the holiday snack table.
QUICK Chewy Chocolates    This is a simple, yet delectable treat!
QUICK Chocolate Almond Figs    This is a figlicious tasty treat!
QUICK 1-2-3 Candy Cookies    This one is good, crunchy, and not overly sweet.  Is it candy or is it a cookie?
QUICK Triple Truffles    This recipe is so easy you can make it while watching television.
QUICK Microwave Candy    Just melt the chips and add peanuts. What could be easier?