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Tropical Bars

QUICK Orange and Coconut Bars    This is a two layer bar with coconut in both layers.  A real treat for a coconut lover!
QUICK Coconut Chocolate Bars    These sweet, gooey brownies only have 1/2 cup flour in the batter.
QUICK Macadamia Bars    These are rich, rich, rich, and a big hit with people with a sweet-tooth!
QUICK Rich And Easy Cookie Bars    Sweet, delicious bars.
Citrus Bars    This is a refreshing treat!
Hawaiian Bars    A special sweet treat!
Chewy Ginger Triangles    A very tasty treat!
QUICK Lemon Squares    This is a tasty bar recipe with a cookie type bottom and a cheesecake top.  What a combination!
Choco-macadamia treats    This is a milk chocolate version of this popular bar cookie.  It is quick cooking.
Date and Walnut Bars    These are sweet and buttery.
Apricot-Date Squares    This one has a lot of flavor and color.
Nutty Date Bars    This is a 2 layer treat.
Date and Apricot Bars    This is a layered treat, with dates in the middle.
Tutti-Frutti Surprises    Dates and walnuts, a great combination!  Try black walnuts, they are really rich tasting.