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Chocolate Brownies

QUICK Chewy Chocolate Brownies    This one is rich with chocolate!
QUICK Black Forest Brownies    Sour cream and dried cherries are added along with Kirsch Liqueur (cherry flavored) to make this a stand out recipe.  The sour cream is baked on top of the brownie in the last 5 minutes.
Texas Brownie Bars    My Aunt Susie used to make these for the whole family.
Mother's Best-Ever Brownies    This is an old fashioned recipe using Hershey cocoa. What's not to love about Hershey's?    This is the one my Mother made.
Double Fudge Brownies    Definitely for the chocolate lovers!
White Chocolate Brownies    This one is baked in a 8 x 8 pan and has no icing or glaze.
Mississippi Mud Bars    Children will be enchanted with this fanciful chocolate dessert.
The Ultimate Brownies    These brownies keep for a week, if no one is home but you!
Irresistible Brownies    "Irresistible" best describes these rich dark sweets with moist fudgy centers.   This recipe makes only a few, rich brownies.  There is only 1/2 cup of flour.
Chocolate Orgasms    This one is rich and moist!
Chocolate Bliss Caramel Brownies    Chocolate chunks on top of caramel, on top of brownies.  Can it get better than this?
Rocky Road Brownies    Marshmallows and nuts are baked on the top for that last 5 minutes for that extra flavor.
Glazed Milk Chocolate Brownies    This one is light on the chocolate but not on the flavor!
Triple Chocolate Brownies    The ultimate indulgence to cap off a memorable meal...
Lucy's Brownies    You don't need much of these brownies to please the palate...
White Chocolate Brownies With Chocolate Sauce    This one is a little different with a rich dark chocolate sauce.
Mississippi Mud Dessert Brownies    Chocolate, pecans, and marshmallows.  What a combination!
Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars    Chocolate, corn syrup and pecans.  This will be good! NOTE*  I just finished cutting and tasting these bars. They cut clean and looked good.  They are delicious!  The recipe made a jelly roll pan full.  I cut them in 1 1/2' bars, forgot to count them but, there had to be about 5 dozen.  I gave them to family and friends for Valentine's day. They were enjoyed by all!  
Rich Chocolate Marbled Brownie Supreme    Brownie cake made with rich cream cheese and bittersweet chocolate.
Chocolate-Marshmallow Brownies    Although these brownies can be eaten just after they cool, we find them at their best if you let them stand overnight.
One Bowl Brownies    Brownies don't get much easier than this.
Mud Bars    This is all chocolate, with a few nuts.
Chocolate Cherry Brownies    Chocolate brownies with cherries. Looks good and tastes great.
Nutty Chocolate Squares    Chocolate with a touch of coffee.  Try adding black walnuts.  They go good in chocolate brownies!   NOTE*  When a recipe calls for one bowl for flour, one bowl for sugar, eggs, etc. try this.  In your mixer bowl put in the butter, sugar, eggs, etc.  Then add baking powder or soda, salt, dry spices, etc.  Add flour last, to the same bowl.  The dry ingredients, being added to the wet works as well as mixing all the dry ingredients together first.  That is a hold over from early days when flour was lumpy and you sifted it all together.  One bowl is much easier!
Glazed Chocolate Pecan Brownies    A sweet cream and chocolate glaze tops this rich treat.
QUICK Coconut Chocolate Bars    These sweet, gooey brownies only have 1/2 cup flour in the batter.
QUICK Bite-Size Chocolate Almond Brownies    These are baked in mini muffin tins for melt-in-your-mouth heavenly bites.
Carmel Chocolate Nut Bars    This irresistible bar is one of our favorites.