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To Go Breakfast

QUICK Cinnamon And Raisin Oatmeal Bars    This makes a thin bar with a lot of flavor and texture. Much like a granola bar.
Trailside Oatmeal Treats    Running behind this morning?  If there is no time for a sit down breakfast for the kids [or yourself for that matter], grab a Trailside Treat, a juice box and they can eat on the way to school!    You could add almonds for even more nutrition.
Raisin Bran Muffins    These are muffins the kids will love and, they are good for them!  In a hurry to get them to school?  Just hand the kids one of these muffins and a juice box and they can be ready for their day, when they are dropped off at the school door.
QUICK Cheddar Cheese Crispies    This is a great recipe for the to-go breakfast.  It has calcium and looks like a cookie!
Apple Butter Bars    Oats and apple butter.  Doesn't that combination sound good?
Sour Cream Apple Squares    This is a moist, flavorful bar, and the apples make it healthy too.  You can reduce the sugar somewhat and use it for a breakfast treat.
Gopher Bars    This is a great little bar that travels well.  Let the kids have one on the way to school, it has cereal and peanut butter.
Old Fashioned Apple Pastry Bars    Make your own pastry bars for a quick breakfast on the run.
QUICK Energy Bars    These are good for you, easy to transport and, they taste good!