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Eggs & Cheese

QUICK Baked Eggs in Bacon Rings    This is a great breakfast or brunch recipe for two.  Of course you can double or triple the recipe for more people.
QUICK All-In-One Quiche    This recipe would go well with a green salad and fruit if you wanted a brunch or lunch entree.
QUICK Cheese Sauce    Use this sauce to pour over vegetables, fish, poultry, omelets or souffles. Variations; * Use onion, celery, green pepper or shallots. * Use American cheese, Gruyere cheese, cheddar cheese, crumbled blue cheese, or half Swiss cheese and half American cheese.
Sausage And Cheese Casserole    I have made this casserole using crusty slices of bread.  I put in some pieces of red bell pepper for color.
QUICK Baked Eggs in Casserole    This is a good way to serve eggs for breakfast.  Serve the baked eggs on buttered toast. NOTE* For a more southwestern flavor, use salsa and some minced jalapeno.
Baked Hominy Grits With Cheese    This dish can be served warm, with any leftovers being chilled, sliced and fried.    We used to have cold grits, fried in butter, covered in molasses for breakfast.
QUICK Baked Eggs for a crowd    These will not be the usual dry, scrambled eggs on the buffet.  They come out of the oven soft and moist and they stay that way.
EASY Breakfast Casserole    I made this when my children came to visit.  Instead of regular pork sausage I used the hot version.  French bread slices made the bottom layer instead of adding bread to milk mixture and, for color I put in some sweet red pepper pieces and a little chopped onion.    The bread slices made the bottom crispy and the kids called it a breakfast pizza! EVERYONE ENJOYED!
QUICK Goat Cheese Frittata    Eggs with goat cheese and chives is real comfort food!  Quick and easy to make, sure to please.    For dinner, try a green salad and some good bread, and maybe a glass of white wine. 
Homemade Cottage Cheese    The creamy taste of this cheese will make you come back for more!