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Southwestern Bread Recipes

QUICK Navajo Tacos With Fry Bread    This is the old west version of Tacos!  Before taco shells were available and cheap.  It's great  as game food, when the gang's all here!  Double or triple for more people.    I made this for my grandchildren.  I found the dough to be stickey and hard to roll.  I will chill it or add 1/2 cup flour the next time.  They were big and tasted good.  Who doesn't love fried bread! NOTE*  The dough did not pick up a lot of the oil and did not taste greasy.  The kids loved it.
QUICK Barbecued French Bread    You can make this with French bread or Vienna.
Corn Muffins With Pumpkin, Green Chilies and Smoked Turkey    This is like a mini meal in a muffin!  The muffins are sliced, spread with mustard and ham slices added for an appetizer or lunch entree.    
Whole Wheat Tortillas    Use these whenever flour tortillas are called for.  They are also good sprinkled with cheese and green chilis, folded in half and fryed in a little oil.
Mexican Corn Bread Muffins    This recipe makes 36 muffins that are easy to freeze and reheat if, you have any left!