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QUICK Bread Recipes

Whole Wheat Tortillas    Use these whenever flour tortillas are called for.  They are also good sprinkled with cheese and green chilis, folded in half and fryed in a little oil.
Italian Garlic And Cheese Bread    This one has everything that would go with spaghetti or an Italian salad. A different "quick" bread.
Quick Garlic French Bread    Although any kind of bread may be used, the french works out especially well.
QUICK Barbecued French Bread    You can make this with French bread or Vienna.
Old-Fashion Buttermilk Corn Sticks   Just like Grandma used to make.
Caramelized-Onion Flatbread   Pizza dough makes this fast and easy to make.  This would go great with ribs or pork chops off the grill.  
Coconut Bread     The Coconut makes this bread extra delicious!
Orange Bread   Pockets of cream cheese await inside this sugar-crusted pull-apart bread.
Easy, Cheesy Cornbread    This recipe uses mild chile peppers for a little zing.  It will be moist and good.
Sticky Buns   Butterscotch Pudding makes these taste extra rich.
QUICK Biscuit Mix (Baking Powder)    This mix you can make up yourself and keep on hand.  It's easy and economical.  You can make drop biscuits in a flash! NOTE* Store in an air-tight container in a cool place.