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Stuffed Eggs & Vegetables

Stuffed Celery Roses     These little slices are a pretty and different addition to your table!
Betty's Best Pimento Cheese Spread    Every picnic I ever went to as a child in Kentucky, had pimento cheese sandwiches!  On fresh white bread, they were so soft and wonderful!    Pimento cheese is made with Velveta cheese, pimentos, Miracle Whip and of course, sugar.  Now don't knock it, till you've tried it.    I use flame roasted pimentos, instead of plain, and I use less sugar than most recipes down here.    I made some for my friend Shirley, and she picked out the little black spots, (from the flame roasting) she didn't know what they were!  The flame roasted are much more flavorful than plain.    This recipe makes a lot for sandwiches, it is good to stuff celery, and great with Ritz Crackers.
QUICK Stuffed Eggs With Caviar    These are very pretty to see, and rich to taste.
QUICK Cream Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms    Simple and simply delicious!