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Southwestern Appetizers

QUICK Appetizer Potato Balls    If your family is like mine, they will eat potatoes anytime!  Even as an appetizer.  This recipe usses leftover mashed potatoes, rolled into balls and baked brown and crispy.
QUICK Jalapeno Baked Brie    This one couldn't be any easier, or be any tastier.
QUICK Cheese-Chili Puffs    You'll enjoy these spicy cheese puffs!
QUICK Creamy Green Sauce Dip    Super quick and easy.
QUICK Jalapeno Pepper Appetizers    These peppers are wrapped with bacon, and baked for a crispy flavor.
QUICK Chicken Strips, 2 Ways    This is a simple recipe that everyone likes!  Take strips, cut from chicken breasts, and coat them with one of the two flavor mixes below.  A few minutes in the oven and you have crispy treats for appetizers or the whole meal.  You can have your choice of dipping sauces. (or not)
QUICK Mexican Dipping Sauce    This recipe only make 3/4 cup.  You may want to double it, it's so good! NOTE* Serve with artichokes, cooked and chilled, or other vegetables.
QUICK South-of-the-Border, Tangy Chili-Bean Dip    Pack this cheese into a colorful crock, and it will be the life of the party!    Serve with tortilla chips.
QUICK Layered Taco Salad Dip    This makes a big portion of a tasty, southwestern style dip.
QUICK Mini Empanadas    This is a little, tasty, sandwich bite. The kids will love them!
QUICK Chili Cheese Balls    These are great with slices of summer sausage, or drop a couple in your bowl of chili or soup.    Or just pop one in to your mouth!