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QUICK Appetizers

QUICK Jalapeno Pepper Appetizers    These peppers are wrapped with bacon, and baked for a crispy flavor.
QUICK Layered Taco Salad Dip    This makes a big portion of a tasty, southwestern style dip.
QUICK Snappy Cheese Fondue    This one is quick and it taste's great!
QUICK Stuffed Eggs With Caviar    These are very pretty to see, and rich to taste.
QUICK Smoked Salmon Rolls    This one really looks good on the serving table and, is as good as it looks!
QUICK Seared Sea Scallops    Top each scallop with 1/2 teaspoon of sour cream and sliver of chive.  These look beautiful on the platter, and taste wonderful!
QUICK Salmon Ball    Chill this mixture for at least two hours to blend flavors.
QUICK Philly Dill Dip    This one goes together quick!  The dip goes great with pretzels, and it would go great on a fish sandwich.
QUICK Pizzas    Teenagers love these small pizzas.  Each biscuit makes 4 small pizzas.
QUICK Sausage Balls    This recipe is easy and popular with even the kids!  Vary the taste by using hot pork sausage instead of the mild or by using jalapenos or pepper cheese.  The choices are endless!   NOTE*  I made this recipe and thought it had too much Bisquick.  They were dry and the sausage was not as prominent as I like.  (Next time I will try 1 1/2 cups bisquick.)
QUICK Crustless Spinach Quiches    This recipe can be made into individual little bites or into 1 larger one for a luncheon.  It makes 12 muffin size, or one 8-inch pie plate quiche.
QUICK Mexican Dipping Sauce    This recipe only make 3/4 cup.  You may want to double it, it's so good! NOTE* Serve with artichokes, cooked and chilled, or other vegetables.
QUICK Fruit Dip    This is good with all fresh fruits!
QUICK Hot Salmon Sandwiches    You can make this up ahead of time, cook when ready to serve.
QUICK Chili Cheese Balls    These are great with slices of summer sausage, or drop a couple in your bowl of chili or soup.    Or just pop one in to your mouth!
QUICK Chicken Triangles    Start with cooked chicken and it is super easy!  These are fried little bite-size sandwiches. NOTE* They can be made ahead and kept warm for 1 hour in a 250 F. oven.
QUICK Chicken Strips, 2 Ways    This is a simple recipe that everyone likes!  Take strips, cut from chicken breasts, and coat them with one of the two flavor mixes below.  A few minutes in the oven and you have crispy treats for appetizers or the whole meal.  You can have your choice of dipping sauces. (or not)
QUICK Chicken Liver Pate    This is smooth and creamy and oh, so good!
QUICK And Super Easy, Cream Cheese Appetizer    This one gets raves every time it's served.
QUICK And Easy Silken Chicken Liver Pate'    Made quickly in the food processor,  this one is like velvet.
QUICK And Easy Spinach Dip    This recipe is easy and has lots of flavor.  My daughter, Belinda serves it with a big loaf of Hawaiian bread.  The two go well together.    It also goes well with fresh vegetables, for dipping.
QUICK Zesty Wine and Cheddar Spread    Cheddar cheese with a robust, flavorful wine makes a great spread for pumpernickel bread rounds, or rye crackers.
QUICK Salmon Mousse    Made in the blender with canned salmon, this is easy and elegant.
QUICK Herb Cheese    This is simple and elegant.
QUICK Cream Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms    Simple and simply delicious!
QUICK Cheddar-Cream Cheese Spread    Simple and good.
QUICK Cocktail Party Pate    This is mild and creamy and QUICK!
QUICK Cashew Chicken Balls     These can be made the day before and kept chilled.
QUICK Pickled Oysters For Appetizers     I 'll bet these would be good with a martini! (or a beer)
QUICK Wasabi Deviled Eggs    Here's a recipe which is different from the usual, and very good.
QUICK Warmed Cranberry Brie    We had this through the holidays and it was very good!
QUICK Tortilla Crisps     Great with cheese dip.
QUICK Tomato-Basil Toasts    Served on lightly toasted french bread, they are a real treat!
QUICK Toasted Nuts with Rosemary    These are not sweet, but very tasty.
QUICK Texas Caviar    Growing up in Kentucky, I ate a lot of peas, but never as an appetizer.  This is delicious!
QUICK Sweet Baked Brie    This is a quick fix for unexpected company.  Looks good, tastes good.
QUICK Spinach Rollups    This is a very flavorful little pinwheel sandwich.  The bacon and onion compliment the spinach.
QUICK Spicy Cheese Fondue    This fondue starts out with a white sauce, then you add the beer!  Very tasty!
QUICK South-of-the-Border, Tangy Chili-Bean Dip    Pack this cheese into a colorful crock, and it will be the life of the party!    Serve with tortilla chips.
QUICK Skewered Tortellini Bites    This is a great summertime treat!
QUICK Shrimp Dip    This makes about 4 cups, enough for a party!
QUICK Sesame Chicken Strips    This is a sweet chicken treat.
QUICK Sauteed Chicken Livers    Do not overcook the livers and, you will really enjoy them.
QUICK Sauteed Black Olives With Tomatoes    Serve this colorful antipasto with chunks of crusty bread.
QUICK Sausage Quiche Squares    This recipe is a good make ahead recipe.     It Freezes well. Tasty, and easy!
QUICK Sausage Balls    These little bread balls are good with soda or beer.
QUICK Salsa Cream Cheese Spread    This is easy and low fat!
QUICK Red Pepper and Boursin Tarts    The pastry can be left in a square, instead of rounds.  No loss of pastry that way.
QUICK Pizza Dip    The family will love this warm dip served with nacho chips.
QUICK Fried Parmesan Puffs    This is little fried balls of flavor!
QUICK Oyster Cracker Snack Mix    These crunchy little crackers are great with chili and beer!
QUICK Oven-Fried Zucchini Wedges    Do you like fried zucchini dipped in Ranch dressing or salsa?  I do too!    This one is a crispy, tasty, good for you, treat.
QUICK Marinated Olives    Warming this dish brings out the fragrances of the spices and orange rind.
QUICK Knorr, Sausalito Crab Dip    Serve this dip chilled.
QUICK Kick-Off Beef Pretzel Poppers    Have these easy treats around for watching the game.
QUICK Hot Crab Dip    This one is elegant and good enough for company!
QUICK Greek Yogurt Dip    This one is super low fat, and tasty.  You decide how much cumin to use!
QUICK Goat-Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomato Nachos    This one is good enough for company!
QUICK And Easy Beer Cheese    This is good when you first make it, and even better after it mellows!    NOTE* This makes a great gift at holiday time.
QUICK Dried Fruit Cheese Ball    This is especially good through the holidays.
QUICK And Different Spinach Dip    The addition of jalapeno cheese makes this one have a little more zing!  And, it's served warm, not cold.    My daughter serves hers with a big round loaf of Hawaiian bread.  It's GOOD!
QUICK Cucumber Shrimp Alouette    This one is really easy!
QUICK Crunchy Parmesan Toasts    Super Simple, but great flavor.
QUICK Creamy Green Sauce Dip    Super quick and easy.
QUICK Cream Cheese Crescents    These little canapes are layered and thick with cream cheese.  They will require plates and forks.
QUICK Citrus Cream Dip     Great fruit dip!
QUICK Cheese-Chili Puffs    You'll enjoy these spicy cheese puffs!
QUICK Cheese Straws   These are simple, just use purchased Puff Pastry.
QUICK Cheddar Shortbread    This would be great used as crackers with your favorite soup or stew.   NOTE*  I made this recipe and instead of adding water, I added hot pepper sauce to dampen mix.  They were really good!  (make them small)
QUICK Cheddar Cheese and Brandy Spread    This one has a lot of flavor, and goes with anything!
QUICK Boursin Dip    Verstile dip that is good with crackers, cold vegetables or on sandwiches.  This can also be used hot on baked potatoes, in stuffed mushrooms, chicken or beef rolls.
QUICK Beer Dip    This one is easy and goes good with pretzels.
QUICK Baked Crab Meat And Cheese Spread    This has wonderful, creamy taste and texture.  Club crackers, or any buttery tasting cracker, goes well with this dip.
QUICK Bacon Blue Cheese Dip    Grab a basket, stir up a dip, and pack some veggies, crackers or chips, you have an instant party snack to take anywhere.
QUICK Asparagus and Prosciutto Bundles    These make a terrific appetizer and the leftover asparagus stalks can be reserved for another use.
QUICK Artichoke Bruschetta    This looks good, tastes good, and it's easy!
QUICK Appetizer Cheese Krispy    This is a very crisp little nibble to serve with your favorite beverage.
QUICK Antipasto Platter    This can be as simple or as fancy as you want to make it!
QUICK Antipasto Di Mare    This is a refreshing, different way to serve tuna.  The exact ingredients are not important; any combination of fresh raw salad vegetables you choose, will work well.