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Misc. Appetizer Recipes

QUICK Skewered Tortellini Bites    This is a great summertime treat!
Cranberry Snaps    This is a great little sweet treat for the holidays.
Cheddar Cheese And Olive Balls    These tasty little nibbles can be made ahead and kept refrigerated until time to bake.  They have a lot of flavor and are great for cocktails.  They are cheesy and salty!
QUICK And Easy Spinach Dip    This recipe is easy and has lots of flavor.  My daughter, Belinda serves it with a big loaf of Hawaiian bread.  The two go well together.    It also goes well with fresh vegetables, for dipping.
QUICK Turkey Croquettes    This recipe is versatile, boasting a lot of flavor in a lean, healthy alternative to other fried foods.      Great as the main course or an appetizer.
Southern Caviar    This makes an unusual party dip that is delicious!
QUICK Cream Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms    Simple and simply delicious!