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Crudites & Vegetable Caviars

QUICK Texas Caviar    Growing up in Kentucky, I ate a lot of peas, but never as an appetizer.  This is delicious!
Endive-Mango Appetizers    This is a very simple but elegant appetizer.  Perfect for a summer day.
Danish Blue Cheese Summer Salad Dip    This is a tasty dip for fresh vegetables and warm crusty breads!
Marinated Summer Finger salad    This recipes consists of all your favorites!  You get to pick the vegetables that go in this marinade.  Its tasty finger food at it best.    Refrigerate overnight, toss occasionally and drain to serve.
Quick Pickled Asparagus    This recipe would be perfect for a picnic or buffet.  It makes enough for 3 quart jars, but could easily be increased or cut-in-half.