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Chicken Wings & Strips

QUICK Sesame Chicken Strips    This is a sweet chicken treat.
Spicy Oriental-Style Wings    This rich sauce makes this chicken irresitible!
Crispy Italian Chicken Wings    These oven fried wings are crispy and have a real good flavor!
Buffalo Chicken Wings    These wings are fried then tossed with Tabasco.  
Chicken Indonesia    Peanut Butter and chili sauce, a winning combination.
Louisiana Hot Chicken Wings    This is a rich, buttery sauce for these wings!
Chicken Poppers    These are little pieces of breast meat, breaded with vanilla wafers, then fried.
Chipotle Chicken Wings    These spicy wings are great with the creamy instant salsa!
Barbecue Chicken Wings    This BBQ sauce is delicious and can be made ahead and frozen.  To save time, you can also use your favorite prepared BBQ sauce.
QUICK Chicken Strips, 2 Ways    This is a simple recipe that everyone likes!  Take strips, cut from chicken breasts, and coat them with one of the two flavor mixes below.  A few minutes in the oven and you have crispy treats for appetizers or the whole meal.  You can have your choice of dipping sauces. (or not)
QUICK Crisp Nuggets with Salsa    A new twist on a family favorite!